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This Level 3 Sound Healing Course dives deep into the power of sound to heal the deepest wounds. You will dive into the metaphysics of past life and generational trauma. You will learn how to use sound as a tool to access the subconscious and uncover the root causes of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. You will also explore the power of sound to unlock hidden potential and open the door to profound personal growth. This course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills to use sound healing as an effective tool for personal transformation becoming a qualified sound healer.

January 7, 2025 - Level 3 Sound Healing Course

  •  This course is 4 weeks and 8 hours of training. The classes will be held weekly via zoom from 5 to 7 pm MST. You will have access to all recordings. You must complete Level 2 before taking this course.

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