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Level 1 Sound Healing Course


This course includes the following modules

Level 1 :

  • Welcome

  • Concepts of sound and vibration

  • Effects of sound on the human body

  • Historical aspects of sound

  • The chakras

  • The energetic bodies

  • Gongs, singing bowls, drums and other sound tools

  • Angel tuners and 528 hz tuning forks

  • Planetary tuning forks

  • Tuning fork combinations

  • How to use the tuning forks

  • Meridians

  • Acupuncture points

  • Muscle testing and pendulums

  • Meditation techniques

  • General rules for treatments

  • Preparing for a sound healing treatment

  • How to energetically protect yourself

  • Pathologies and protocols using acupuncture points and tuning forks 

Level 1 is an 8 week course




Price - $797 CAD 



Help us support our affiliated small business, by receiving a 5 % discount when you purchase the course through Clair I Tea

Click the button below and contact Clair I Tea via telephone to receive your discount




If you do not have a PayPal account contact Kelly Wolf Wellness to pay via debit or credit over the phone

(3 % extra charge).


The courses will be held once per week via zoom for 2 hours and will be recorded. 

The tuning forks are not included and must be purchased by the attendee.



If you are a Wolfpack Member, click "Purchase Now" to use your coupon.

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