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Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Have you ever wondered who you truly are and why you are here? Have you ever wondered about your relationships and career choices? Have you ever wondered why you are are drawn to something or someone? Have you ever met someone and wondered why you feel you have known them before? Have you ever wondered about your health?

Hypnosis is a profound and effective method of gaining knowledge and insight about yourself and your life. It also holds the capacity to heal both emotionally and physically. I will open your Akashic records gently ease you into a Theta State while taking you on a journey through your past lives. Let's find those answers and synchronicities together to enhance your life experience.

Taking a past life journey is a full day event. It will be a minimum of 5 hours. Lunch and snacks will be provided, as well as, a sound bath and ozonated water. I look forward to helping you through your journey and remember; knowledge is power so book your session today.


Contact me today to learn more about past life regression and the powerful healing it can bring to your life.

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