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Complete Sound Healing Qualification Course

This course includes the following modules 

Level 1 :

  • Welcome

  • Concepts of sound and vibration

  • Effects of sound on the human body

  • Historical aspects of sound

  • The chakras

  • The energetic bodies

  • Gongs, singing bowls, drums and other sound tools

  • Angel tuners and 528 hz tuning forks

  • Planetary tuning forks

  • Tuning fork combinations

  • How to use the tuning forks

  • Meridians

  • Acupuncture points

  • Muscle testing and pendulums

  • Meditation Techniques

  • General rules for treatments

  • Preparing for a sound healing treatment

  • How to energetically protect yourself

  • Pathologies and protocols using acupuncture points and tuning forks 

Level 1 is an 8 week course

Level 2 :

  • The 8 extra meridians

  • Extra meridian acupuncture points

  • The assemblage point

  • How to centre the assemblage point

  • Pathologies and protocols using the extra meridians

Level 2 is an 6 week course

Level 3

  • Cosmic law

  • Generational and past life trauma

  • How to transmute generational trauma with sound

  • How to transmute past life trauma with sound

  • Supernatural surgery with sound

Level 3 is a 6 week course

You save $100 when you sign up for the Full course




Price for Complete Qualification Course - Level 1, 2 and 3  

$1497 CAD






Help us support our affiliated small business, by receiving a 10 % discount when you purchase the course through Clair I Tea.

Click the button below and contact Clair I Tea via telephone to get your discount.

If you do not have a PayPal account contact Kelly Wolf Wellness to pay via debit or credit over the phone (3 % extra charge)



The courses will be held once per week via zoom for 2 hours and will be recorded. 

The tuning forks are not included and must be purchased by the attendee.


Below are the required tuning forks and links to purchase

Cosmic Octave Weighted Planetary Tuning Forks Set:


Cosmic Octave Unweighted Planetary Tuning Fork Set:


Ohm Weighted And Unweighted Tuning fork Set:


Angel Tuner Forks Set:

528 Hz Tuning Fork:

Leg Activator:

Important: Please Read

Please take note of the links to purchase the tuning forks. Some of the links are for Amazon Canada. If you live in a country other than Canada, check the Amazon site for your country. The weighted and unweighted cosmic octave sets are from the Tuning Fork Shop ( I chose this company because of the quality and the price. Not all tuning forks are created equal. You can do your own research and purchase if you find a better price but make sure the sets are Planetary Tuning Forks.


If you are a Wolfpack Member click  "Purchase Now" to use your coupon code

Sign up before March 1st and receive an extra $50 discount
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