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Moxabustion Services

Dragon Moxa Combination Session
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Dragon Moxabustion is a powerful Far Infared therapy that will energize your Qi and Yang. Qi is our life force that drives our bio-electric frequency bodies and Yang is the gas petal to enhance the movement of Qi. It involves the use of ginger and mugwart. Mugwart is a very powerful herb that energetically clears and protects your field while stimulating your Qi and self-healing capabilities. Ginger will naturally boost nitric oxide in the body which are anti-oxidants, thus boosting your Yang and immune system. This method is done on the spine which will stimulate your Huato Jiaji points which correspond with every aspect of your body. 

Benefits of Moxabustion include:

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Boosting digestion

  • Relieving cramping and painful periods

  • Relieving arthritis pain

  • Improving fertility

  • Cancer

  • Boosting energy levels

  • Improving sport performance

  • Maintaining overall vitality

  • Releasing emotional blocks

  • And more! (Depending on your constitution and what your body needs)

This session includes sound therapy as well as an intuitive reading

Dragon Moxabustion - One Hour Session: $145





If you would like to add Dragon Moxabustion to a 90 Minute Combination Session or 2 Hour Combination Session there is a $33.00 extra charge. This must be booked in advance. There is an option to choose from upon booking your session

Moxabustion Box

Moxibustion is founded on the belief that blockages in the flow of energy lead to mental and physical health problems. The moxabustion box is used to treat specific areas of the body. Because of this, it’s used to treat:

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This can be added to any session for an additional $11.00 

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